Organization of tourist activities

Bright Activities specializes in organizing trips to Portugal. The in-depth knowledge of the local market as well as its agents ensures the possibility of creating packages and itineraries tailored to your needs. Always ensuring the best value for money and the most transparent budgets tailored to each client, Bright Activities needs only to know your type of tourism and budget in order to surprise you.

Extreme and speed sport

Bright Activities - Extreme and speed sport

Are you coming to Lisbon on business but want to know the real Portugal outside the big city? Contact Bright Activities and you will receive a proposal for an itinerary tailored to your available time and your budget. Do you enjoy horse-riding, water-skiing, or have you always wanted to try free-fall or take a helicopter ride with your family? Fill in our form and we will contact you to create the package you have always wished for.

Food and good life

Bright Activities - Food and good life

With Bright Activities you don’t need to worry about anything! If you so wish, we will pick you up at your hotel and we will take you to the best and most typical restaurants in the region. We will find the 5-star hotel or rural hotel that is far from mass tourism and we will not forget that wine is one of the Portuguese specialties. Come and discover the vineyards, the wineries and the best wines with a guided tour by qualified professionals that will introduce you to some of the finest wines in the world.

The traditional sports of the region

Bright Activities - The traditional sports of the region

Hunting, fishing and riding

If you are a hunting and horse-riding lover, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery while practising your favourite sport. We have qualified partners to introduce you to the Lusitana pure breed, organize a partridge (Portugal’s hunting species of choice) hunting party and a fishing day trip on the Alqueva dam.

Bright Activities - The traditional sports of the region

Farmer for a day

Do you want to meet the traditional and genuine Alentejo? Come with us and visit a traditional farm, see the harvest, watch sheep shearing for the summer or make traditional cheese.

In short, contact us and we will do everything to make your holidays in Portugal Bright!